On the Metro

I am so exhausted. I went to Silver Spring to the Metro lost and found on my lunch break today. It took 40 minutes to get there, and then there were like 30 signs in the station pointing out the direction of the lost and found. And then at the exit there is a sign pointing to the left, into a huge office park. And that's it. They don't give you any more indication of where the place is. I wandered around the plaza for 5 minutes, only finding nondescript, unlabeled entrances to various office buildings.

So I went back to the station and asked the Metro employee in the booth. He told me to go to the top of the stairs and it's the last door on the left. So I did. And it was a completely unlabeled door into an elevator lobby. I almost didn't go in, but I happened to see the tenant list inside the window, which listed WMATA. So I went in and to the fifth floor, where a nice lady told me that it was too soon; they hadn't received anything from Friday yet. I have to come back in 2-5 days.

So I went back to work keyless. My lunch ended up being two hours. Luckily Rosanne emailed me to tell me she has a spare key.

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My life is a cavalcade of misfortunes

1. Walmart was sold out of the HDDVD player I was gonna get dad for Christmas (minor setback)
2. I've had horrendous headaches all day
3. My car got towed from Laura's guest lot
4. My keys fell out of my pocket on the Metro
5. I find out the Metro lost and found office is only open 11-6, M-F
5a. I can't get my keys back until Monday
5b. I have to leave work early to get my keys
5c. I have to all the way to Silver Spring to get my keys
5d. I can't get my car until at least Monday
5e. I have to pay the towing company for holding my car until Monday

I want a hug.
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Today has been perfect.

I'm in such a good mood. I cleaned my room thoroughly last night, except I don't think Rosanne has a vacuum, so my floor's kinda gross. But it's so nice to have a clean room. Matt came over late, and we cuddled and watched The Gravedancers (trailer), which was an okay movie with some Collapse ) Afterwards, we played the ancient TMNT arcade game on Xbox Live Arcade. We were talking about childhood stories as we played and it was a good time. But then his controller ran out of batteries and I didn't have any charged, so we ended up watching two gay-but-painfully-repressed Armenian guys talk about fucking chicks on Taxicab Confessions. It was like 3:30 AM by then, so he went home. I wish he weren't still contagious from strep throat. Also I wish his spleen weren't in constant danger of exploding upon any forceful impact to his stomach.

So today has been gorgeous. And I don't use that word lightly. Actually, I don't use that word. I got up at noon, put on my new H+M trunks and sweater (along with my favorite jeans and my good glasses I finally got back from repairs) and went to Eastern Market. The weather was perfect. I love sweater weather, and that's what it was all day. After I got off the Metro, I stopped at Murky Coffee and got a café au lait, and then I wandered around the flea market. I got a birthday card for Katie and then went into East Hall and got a crabcake sandwich from Market Lunch. It was so much better than the one from the pub Friday. Then I wandered around the vendors outside. The mongolian painter I bought from in the spring was there and I realized that grandma and grandpa would love his paintings, since they love both eastern art and horses. I called dad and told him we should get them one for Christmas, and I Collapse )

There was this guy selling awesome greeting cards, too. I bought two that I thought dad would like for his birthday; they're really our kind of Monty Pythonesque humor. Collapse )

So then I bought my produce, which was the reason I went to Eastern Market in the first place. It all looks so good. Then I headed home. I stopped in Whole Foods and got some vanilla Silk (mmm) and a tub of olives, and consumed them both as soon as I got home. I've been sitting in my room with the window open all the way, enjoying the brisk air. And now I'm off to finish this perfect day with some video games.

I love DC.
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Mobile boredom

I'm bored on the metro so I've decided to write an LJ entry about pretty much nothing. Lars and I went out to a pub in Old Town last night. I ate what was probably the least healthy meal I've eaten in a month or two: potato skins and a crabcake sandwich with onion rings. And then we went to Cosí and got dessert and I got a café au lait. We saw Michael Clayton at the most ridiculous movie theater ever. The lady who sold us our tickets (about half an hour early) told us we didn't need to keep them because she would remember Laura's coat. So then when we went into the movie theater we saw there was a balcony so we were like "ooo!" and went upstairs to sit there. We walked into the balcony talking loudly before realizing that they had converted the balcony into a separate theater and there was a movie already playing there. So we went back downstairs and the movie finally started.

So the movie was really boring and confusing for the first half hour or so. But then it got really interesting. But not once, not twice, but thrice the video cut out and we were just left with the audio. At three extremely pivotal points in the movie. Worst. Theater. Ever. I was so diaappointed, too, because I thought it was going to be like the Drexel or Studio 35 in Columbus or the Esquire in Cincinnati. :(

Aaand this is my stop, so later.

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I just went through Beth's photos from SC, and I realized I miss my SC friends. And I will probably never get to see them all together again before we're all like 45 and going back for a reunion. :/

Also, I just found that photo of Aaron kissing my neck.

...that was a weird relationship.

Paris Je T'aime

I saw Paris je t'aime last night. It was really good. It was slightly depressing to watch it by myself. I walked out of theater feeling really good and then by the time I got to the Metro I was feeling incredibly lonely. Also, I am now in love with this French boy:

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